Character Names – Don’t Confuse Your Readers

Check out this great post from Kristina Stanley’s blog on using character names that don’t confuse your readers.


Confusing readers with character names that are too similar to each other might make a reader stop reading your book. Here’s why…

Photo from Pixabay

This morning over coffee I was reading a book. A mystery. The story line is strong. The characters are interesting.

As I was about a quarter of the way in and the unforgivable happened. I got confused and had to re-read a section. I got past that, so yes I forgave the author because a liked the story.

In the next scene, the same issue happened.

In one scene, a sheriff and his young deputy are questioning an older woman and her young nurse. The nurse’s name is Maggie. The deputy’s name is Molly. Two young women. Two names starting with M. Halfway through the scene one of them put their hand on the older woman’s shoulder. I thought, “Why would the deputy…

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