Why Many Books Don’t Sell

Check out this thought-provoking post from the Novelty Revisions blog on the topic of why many books don’t sell

Meg Dowell

I’m surprised at how many aspiring writers say their biggest struggle is marketing their work.

This surprises me because I’m a very author-focused consumer, personally. If I haven’t heard of you, or someone I follow hasn’t recommended your book, I’m very unlikely to purchase your book.

People focus so much on their product — for our purposes in this post, we’ll just stick with books — that they forget the other half of the equation: the person publishing that book. The writer.

Who are you? If a consumer doesn’t know, they probably won’t care about your paranormal YA romance novel, if we’re being honest here.

My theory — and maybe the theory of many others — is that it’s hard, maybe even impossible, to sell a book without an audience.

If you’re a debut author backed by a major publishing company, maybe you’ll be fine. Your chances of success are…

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