The Archivist — Chapter 8

Check out chapter 8 from Anna Dobritt’s, The Archivist, as posted on her blog.

Anna Dobritt -- Author

Chapter 8 — 1164 Words

At The Archive, Lennie led the way to Brant’s office and he ushered them inside. “Lennie! This is a surprise! Thought you were taking the day off. Now what brings you here?”
“A couple of things I needed to do,” Lennie began with a glance at Nickie. “I’ve submitted the paperwork to make Nickie my Archivist Apprentice. Second, I’ve put in a request to do a complete exploration of an abandoned building at the docks.”
“Your apprentice! Well, I suppose you’ll need a bigger office.” Brant grinned and brought out a key from his desk drawer. “Fifth floor, southeast corner.”
“Killian’s old office? The one with its own bathroom?” Lennie accepted the key.
“Yes. Oh, didn’t I tell you yesterday?”
“Tell me what?”
From his shirt pocket, Brant removed a new ID card. “They promoted you to Archivist First-Class, with all the perks that go…

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