How To Write a Bestseller

Check out this post from Author Megan Morgan’s blog on how to write a bestseller.

Megan Morgan

If you’re like most writers, it’s probably not actually your goal to linger in obscurity for the rest of your life. Yes, writing for the sake of writing is its own reward, and many of us will probably continue writing whether we hit the big time or not. The odds, of course, are on not. But most of us would like to be the next big thing. We’d like our books to be read and loved by millions, have movie deals, and become household names. The odds of this happening are small, but we want it. Of course it’s not the ultimate goal of writing, and our reasons for actually writing are usually complex and layered, but most of us certainly wouldn’t turn our nose up at being on the NYT Bestseller list.

So, how do you write a bestseller? Certainly, you need to be good at writing and capable…

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