When Is It Time?

Check out this post from Samantha House’s blog on the topic of knowing when it’s time to stop editing your manuscript.

Samantha House


There comes a time when you need to stop editing and let your precious manuscript fly into the world. But the trouble is, when do you know it’s ready to do this?

  1. Numerous people are telling you enough is enough.
  2. You are sick of it and can’t bare to edit it again.
  3. A professional editor is telling you so.
  4. You read it and can’t find anything major to add to it.
  5. In your heart you know that editing is simply a way of procrastinating.

I’m not chastising you for taking a long time with you manuscript, far from it. But I am trying to get you to see that sometimes we hold onto something in the hopes of making it perfect. Newsflash, it ain’t ever going to be perfect, nothing ever is. If one of the above points rings true for you, take a step back and seriously consider the…

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