Stir-up Sunday by Kath Middleton @kathmidd

Check out the book, Stir Up Sunday, by Kath Middleton, as featured on the By The Letter Book Reviews blog.


51-o4ONEe4LBook Description:

As tradition dictates, Hannah is making the family Christmas pudding on Stir-up Sunday. Over two hundred years previously, Lizzy had been doing the same job, in the same place, but she stirred up more than a pudding.

Hannah now feels her own life slipping out of her control, as she is drawn helplessly to a Christmas past and its dark secret.

My Thoughts:

Stir-up Sunday is the perfect read for this time of year. You always get lots of romance stories set at Christmas but not many other genres so it made a refreshing change to read this short festive ghost story.

The story flicks between then and now. I loved the flicking back and forth so you get a sense of what life was like years before, especially in the same place as where Hannah and her family live in the present.

This isn’t an overly scary…

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