Claire Gray-Simon #AuthorInTheSpotlight @justandseb

Meet the author in the spotlight, Claire Gray Simon, as featured on the Portobello Book Blog

Portobello Book Blog

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I’m pleased to be joined by local author Claire Gray-Simon. I met with Claire recently for a coffee and chat about her books and it was really fascinating to hear the background behind them. You can read more about that below. Claire was also kind enough to give me copies of her book to have a look at and I have to say I was very impressed.

The First Day follows Sebastien and Justine on their first day at school as they manage to get themselves lost. In The Birthday Party, Claire is turning six and her mum has arranged a very special party. What I liked about the books was that rather than having a page in French and the same translated into English, the French flowed more naturally into the story as dialogue, almost as though the children were switching between the two languages, as bilingual children…

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