#BookReview I’m Not Different by Melanie McCluskey @PaperTipi #Childrens #FamilyLife

Check out the book, I’m not different, by Melanie McCluskey, as featured on Author Shelley Wilson’s blog

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I’m a sucker for a craft shop or quirky gift store, and so when I stumbled across Paper Tipi, I was in my element. Melanie, who runs Paper Tipi stocks a host of gifts ideal for fans of Star Wars, Harry Potter, Mermaids, Unicorns, and much more.

As I was chatting to Melanie, I discovered she had also written and illustrated a children’s book called I’m Not Different.

Always one to support a fellow author I dashed home and bought a copy from Amazon.

Here’s what I thought.

Title: I’m Not Different

Author: Melanie McCluskey

Category: Children’s/Family, Friends & Social Issues

My Rating: 5 Star

I'm Not DifferentMy Review:

I’m Not Different is written for every child who lives in a diverse family situation; single parent, adopted, foster care, same sex parents, etc. The message is clear for every child. It doesn’t matter what your…

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