How to Use an Interrupter

Check out this post from the Ediket blog on how to use an interrupter in your writing

Ediket Blog

“Hey, what’s your name?” In this example, the exclamation of “hey” acts as an interrupter. The part following the comma is the independent clause that makes up the basic sentence. An interrupter can be any one of a wide rage of phrases that interrupts the surrounding sentence.

Using an interrupter can help to make your expressions more specific by providing extra details or even make your sentences sound more like speech by enabling you to use natural expressions.

How do you use interrupters?

Just like the meaning of the word on which the name is based (“interrupt”), interrupters break in to the middle of a sentence, inserting one idea into another. Consider this example:

Maggie, as you know, is planning to go abroad next year.

The part offset by commas, “as you know”, sounds very natural — like English speech. However, it is unnecessary to the meaning of the sentence. If…

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