Just How Many Words Can You Wordsmith? Follow-up Tips!

Check out this great post from The Story Empire blog with a follow-up on a recent post.

Story Empire

Hello SEers and Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone has a great holiday! Last week, Staci Troilo shared some fantastic insights for increasing your word-count. There must have been some sort of kismet between us because I was dealing with the same topic as I try to ramp up my word count. Here are some tips that I found handy from another author and then a Scrivener tip.

The same day as Staci’s post last week, I had already read another post by Rachel Aaron, regarding how she increased her word count from 2,000 to 10,000+ a day. It was an an interesting read which I’ll sum up here but you can read the whole post by clicking this link.


Microsoft Clip-art

Let me offer a bit of background about my more recent predicament. Last July, I wrote the biggest part of the 96,000+ words of The White…

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