A Lesson in Perspectives

Check out this post from the Uninspired Writers blog on the topic of perspectives

Uninspired Writers

First person or third person? First person or third person? First person or third person? 

This question has been looping around in my mind ever since I began planning my current work in progress, but more than ever this week. I am currently re-writing after completing my first draft and this question has still been bothering me, so it seemed like a good blog topic for this week. (Please note that this post only focuses on first and third person, not second.)

Things to consider when choosing perspective;

1. Who’s telling the story?
When I started planning my novel it was only going to be told from one character’s point of view. And I knew, immediately, that it would be told in first person, present tense. However, as the story progressed I realised that I needed another storyteller in the mix. This is the story teller that’s been given me problems –…

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