Winter on a narrowboat – Guest Post by, Ian Hutson…

Check out this great guest post by Ian Hutson from The Story Reading Ape Blog

Chris The Story Reading Ape's Blog

Now is the winter of our discount tent made glorious summer by… oops, my apologies, I lost it for a moment there. Winter eh? Winter drawers on. Shelley Winters but Ann Summers, that sort of thing. We boaters tend to gibber a lot during winter, and my gibber-gland already was enlarged. Winter happened quite suddenly here on my little patch of the canals in England. Confused weather combined with a school half-term holiday sashayed in a matter of a couple of days into the delicious, slightly eerie quiet that is the result of most hire boats and marina-based boats disappearing into effective storage, leaving only the die-hard, ne’er do well live-aboard boaters chugging around.Where once we live-aboards scurried like spiders from quiet corner to out-of-the-way nook while the happy, shiny people, brandishing their tins of Brasso, zipped up and down at speeds suggesting that they had lost their water-skiers, the…

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