Growing Up Writer

Megan Morgan

I’ve talked before about how I “officially” became a writer around 13-14, but I think I was probably always destined to be a writer. Even as a child, it crept into my life. Of course, it made you a weirdo at that stage, wanting to do MORE schoolwork than everybody else, but I liked making up stories and I liked writing them down.

I didn’t go to kindergarten, because at that time (I’m old!) in the state I lived in, it wasn’t mandatory. I think you could have your child take a test, and if they were sufficiently advanced, they didn’t have to go. In any case, I started schooling with first grade. I don’t recall learning to read and write being particularly difficult for me, I just remember not liking those sheets where you had to form your letters correctly, largely because I’m left-handed and back then (again, I’m…

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