Writing Tip: Know Your Audience

Check out this great post from the Suburban Syntax blog on knowing your audience.

Suburban Syntax

image of medieval wood carving

Who is this for?

That question is asked frequently during critiques in my writer’s group.

It’s an important question, and I feel writers should always let it hover in the back of their minds when creating a story.

There’s a saying that “the first draft is for the author, the second for the editor, and the final for the reader”. While I feel there is truth to that, in some ways, a writer should always have an audience in mind. Even if that audience is just themselves.

What do I mean by that? Well, if you’re writing for practice or possibly therapeutic reasons and no one else will ever see it, then by all means just scribble away!

However, if your goal includes critique, publication, and eventually sale, you need to think about your target audience. I’m not telling you “write to market” because that is gross and sales-y and…

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