What’s the Point?

Check out this helpful post from the Novelty Revisions blog on determining what your audience is supposed to get the point.

Novelty Revisions

I want you to think about what you’re currently working on. A book, a short story, an article — whatever it may be. If you’re not currently working on something, think about the last thing you finished. Or the thing you hope to start soon.

Now let me ask you this: what is it about?

I don’t mean the plot. Don’t tell me who your characters/subjects are, who your audience is, why you decided to write your story. Tell me the point.

A book about a high school sophomore who writes letters to her missing sister is intriguing. But it is not the point of the book.

A book about the different ways grief changes a family may not be the most polished sentence (it’s six in the morning, cut me some slack), but it’s something much closer to its point, its message — the thing the author wants you…

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