What’s Stopping You?

Check out this interesting post from author Megan Morgan on getting your characters our of traps.

Megan Morgan

I used to be a fan of The Walking Dead. I say “used to” because I thought the first 5-ish seasons were pretty good: solid storytelling, good characters, believable drama. But then things started to go off the rails. I decided at the end of last season (season 7) that I wasn’t going to watch it anymore because it had gotten so tedious that watching it felt like a chore. And watching a TV show shouldn’t feel like something I HAVE to do. This pains me because Jeffrey Dean Morgan is one of my favorite actors, and I’m sorry, but I love Negan. However, he was the only bright spot in what had become, at least to me, a mind-numbing, pointless story with way too many characters and far too many wooden actors.

The main problem, however, is that I can no longer suspend disbelief. No, not because of zombies…

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