Mystery Mondays Review: “Eileen” by Ottessa Moshfegh

Check out the book, Eileen, by Ottessa Moshfegh, as featured on Writer Christoph Fischer’s blog.


Eileen AudiobookThe narrative voice of the protagonist is intense and compelling, the sense of an important message, unbelievable crime and a revelation that is to come runs through the entire book.

Eileen is shown with a raw honesty and an amazing ability of self-reflection and analysis, which makes her a marvellous character you want to know more about.
We learn more and more about her childhood, her current predicament and her job at the prison.
The story, however, tends to drag on, with long stretches with little action and a growing repetitiveness in the monologue as Eileen shares her inner thoughts and retells the story of one week before Christmas, when the arrival of Rebecca awakens something in her that had been dormant.
Many passages that seemed to be leading to the big crime and drama didn’t go anywhere and I felt disappointed.
The long build-up evetually led to a let-down…

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