Luke Callindor Answers Your Questions

Legends of Windemere

Cover Art by Jason Pedersen

Way back on October 2nd, I made a post asking for questions that Luke Callindor can answer.  This is the theme of the week with each champion getting some time in the hot seat.  All to kick off the hype and final march towards Legends of Windemere: Warlord of the Forgotten Age.  Let’s start.

The Story Reading Ape asked: Has knowing and working with Fizzle changed the way you think or do things?

I haven’t really thought about it.  Sure it has since Fizzle has taught me a lot about nature and drites.  He’s very curious, which gets me to think about stuff that I normally wouldn’t consider.  Trying to see things through his eyes, which are very child-like, can alter one’s perceptions.  Though, that might be the hallucinogenic breath. As far as doing things, I know he has my back, which helps me…

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