Guest post by Beneath The Skin author Caroline England @CazEngland #GuestPost #Cheshire #Giveaway

Check out this guest post from author Caroline England as featured on the My Chestnut Reading Tree blog.


Today I am thrilled to welcome author Caroline England to My Chestnut Reading Tree. When I saw that Caroline had set parts of Beneath The Skin in Cheshire near to where I live, I just knew I needed to investigate further!

Beneath the Skin is set in South Manchester and Cheshire. How important is location to the story?

An interesting question! At first thought I’d say no. I feel Beneath the Skin could be set anywhere because it’s more about people than plot, and though I’m stating the obvious, people are universal! Whatever our size, shape or age, whatever our colour, race or creed, we’re all human beings, so different on the outside, but so similar within…

Of course that’s a simplification. We’re all complex and different inside too, but in my humble view, we all have fears and frailties that we often hide beneath the skin. We all lie…

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