More Createspace Issues

Check out this post from the Plaisted Publishing House blog on recent issues with Createspace.

Plaisted Publishing

Createspace has been around for quite a while. They had great customer service, always got back to you and sorted out your problems.  NOW I’m wondering what the hell is going on with them! A new boss, a new set of manager or staff?  I’ve not idea. What I do know is that suddenly over the last 4 months or so they have become a tad…incompetent in how they respond and sort out enquiries from authors.

I’ve found myself running around, chasing my tail to get things sorted. I’ve had them back down once over anthology copyright after I’ve explained things to them…no apology given for their error. I’ve tried to claim a book which took them over 8 emails to get right, not only the book title but the author name as well! It is getting ludicrous.  Then I get an email from a client crying foul with their…

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