How Writing Partners Help – and Where to Find Them – From the Writers in the Storm blog

Julie Cantrell

Imagine six female novelists. One quiet mountain retreat. Three days of intense power-packed creative sessions (plus a hefty stash of chocolate). That’s how our writing tribe was formed. Today, we’re a supportive sisterhood now calling ourselves the Summit Girls.

Who Are the Summit Girls

The Summit Girls are comprised of six female novelists from the U. S. who gathered together this spring to brainstorm plots, critique writing samples, and offer encouragement. With more than 80 books published between us, as well as a few scripts, screenplays, and a long string of articles, our diverse backgrounds provide unique perspectives as we help to shape one another’s stories.

Although we had been friends for years (some longer than others), we had never carved time for a retreat until this year. Setting aside one long weekend proved to be a pivotal decision for all of us. Not only have our friendships deepened, but we now rely on one another to foster more successful careers as novelists.

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