Getting it Right

Check out this post from the Story Empire blog on the importance of research for your writing.

Story Empire

Okay, I admit it. When I first began writing, research wasn’t my favorite thing to do. That seems strange because I do enjoy learning—even trivial things. But when it came to writing, I just wanted to delve into a story.

But writing a novel, novella, or even a short story without checking the facts can be disastrous. Readers are savvy, and they can be quick to pick up on the tiniest mistake. (As a reader, I’ve done the same thing.) Therefore, research is necessary.

I recently wrote a short story for a time-travel anthology and probably spent more time researching facts for this 5,000-word piece than I did for two full-length novels. I had to check facts about aircraft carriers, Navy fighter jets, and information about military bases.

Because the story takes the main character back to 1943, I needed to make sure I had all my facts straight for…

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