Interview with Kate Furnivall and some dudes

Check out this interview with author Kate Furnivall as featured on Shehanne Moore’s blog.

shehanne moore


‘Hi there, Dudes, I am honoured and excited to be here.’

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zmed ere

zsilvratzmed revKate. Well, BB, you know I go weak at the knees at the sight of that handsome phizog of yours.

and the infamous green hat. I used to hate green, my least favourite colour, it reminded me of school cabbage. But now it reminds me of your dashing self and I insist on wearing nothing but green these days. You are of course my fave dude but don’t tell Silv, will you? She’s a touchy little madam.

Kate. Elope? What happened to the big fancy wedding you promised to that Russian wench? Olga or Polga or Smolga or some such. And the gingerbread house? I must have a beautiful gingerbread house, you know. A fancy one. No skinflint stuff, my Bobbikins.


Kate. You are as sharp as a tack, BB. You got it in one! I just…

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