How Productivity Affects Your Brand – From the Writers in the Storm blog

June Westerfield

Your brand encompasses everything your reader sees or perceives about you and your books.  If I’ve said that once, I’ve said it 5,896,458 times.  And I do mean everything.  That, obviously, includes your books.  But it also includes non-visible intangibles, like your level of productivity and even your organization.

Twice in the past few months I’ve had new authors sign up for “new author” coaching sessions, because they are doing everything they can think of, but not getting any sales.  Both were spending hours upon hours on social media promoting their book, they both spent hours building up their email lists, and both were spending hundreds in advertising and Bookbub ads.

Both authors were writing series and each only had one book published.  One was still writing their second book, and the other had book two written but not up for pre-order yet.  Neither had any clues about book three.

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