A Twelve Realms Prequel: Ch 13

Check out the latest chapter in the Twelve Realms Prequel from Rachael Ritchey’s blog.

Rachael Ritchey

If you missed any from before, here is a list of links to previous chapters:

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Ismene and OthnielChapter Thirteen

Kendric’s arms wrapped tight around her waist, and Ismene screamed into the gag on her mouth. This could not be happening. It could not. She never anticipated they planned to murder the prince. The idea seemed inconceivable, but here was all the proof necessary.

Not only would they kill her, but they’d commit this most heinous act against the prince, and they’d already ruthlessly taken the life of that poor servant girl. Helein’s face flashed before her eyes, and Ismene said a quick prayer of thankfulness that her personal maid would be nowhere near this hall this particular night.

Ismene had no idea where the treachery might end, but she could…

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