The Importance of Deadlines for Writers

Check out this post from the Uninspired Writers blog on the importance of writing deadlines.

Uninspired Writers

Good morning, daydreamers and story tellers!

I wanted to focus on the importance of deadlines today. It seemed appropriate, what with it being National Novel Writing Month and I know that many of you are taking on the challenge of 50,000 words this month.

Myself, I’m not taking part in NaNo, because I am focusing on editing my current work. However, whether you’re taking part in NaNo or not, deadlines are essential for writers. I know that this topic has been covered a lot, by many writers and bloggers. But it’s importance can’t really be understated.

The main thing that I found when I started being stricter with my deadlines was this;
You don’t realise how much time you’re able to put aside for writing until you have a deadline. 

writing (27)

This is so vital! It taught me a lot about how I can find the time to write if I…

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