Briggs-Meyers Personality Test Results

Expat Journal: Postcards from the Edge

Stephen F. Dennstedt

INTJ-A = part of the 2%. I knew that of course because I’ve taken the famous Briggs-Meyers personality test more than once and it ALWAYS comes out the same. INTJ-A. It’s flattering (in some ways) to have a rare personality type but I sometimes question whether it might not be a BPD (Borderline Personality Disorder).

If you’ve ever wondered what makes good old Steve tick the test results will answer all of your unasked questions. Amongst them why I succeed in professional and creative pursuits and crash & burn in relationships. Why I’m a pie-in-the-sky idealist and at the very same time the consummate pragmatist.

My personality type has plagued me my entire life and has brought a certain amount of misery into my life. It’s easy for me to slip into arrogance (thinking everyone else is stupid) and quick judgements. I rarely trust anyone else when…

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