Cover reveal!!

Check out this cover reveal for Susan Toy’s book, One Woman’s Island, as featured in this post from her Island Editions blog.

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But only because I’m so excited to show everyone what we’ve been working on … and I am the publisher as well as the author, after all.

I only have a PDF version of it right now, and that won’t attach to Facebook and Twitter, but you can see it this way, on my blog:


You should be able to open this file and zoom in on it to read everything written on the back cover.

And just so that something registers with social media when I post this blog, here’s the eBook version of the cover.

Thanks to my very clever cover designers – Jenny Ryan for the original front cover (and the full cover spread of the print edition of Island in the Clouds) and to Gina McCreary of Human Powered Design for guiding me through the spine, back cover, and adding that lovely bullet to…

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