6 Tips to Survive a Writing Disaster – From the Writers in the Storm blog

Kourtney Heintz

In 2014, I was in the middle of line edits when my publisher shut down the imprint publishing my book. A few months later, my agency and I parted ways. Everything that I had worked for over the past nine years disappeared. I hope nothing like this ever happens to you. But we’re all prone to disasters, big and small. Here’s how I got through mine:

  • Remain Professional

Emotions are flooding through you. That’s 100% normal, but makes it really easy to flip out on your agent or editor. Don’t do it!

Screaming at your agent or your editor won’t change the situation. And that temporary release will have serious long-term consequences that hurt you because you still have to work with these people to get the next steps done.

All you have left is your agent and you need her to help you navigate these unchartered waters. Scream into a pillow. Call a friend and rally against the injustice of your life. But when you talk to your agent or editor, remain professional. To keep your emotional distance, have a pen and paper handy and take notes, or interact via email. You can edit the emotion out of an email—make sure you write a few drafts and never fire off your first one.

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2 thoughts on “6 Tips to Survive a Writing Disaster – From the Writers in the Storm blog

  1. I needed to read this now. My publisher is offering me my rights back as they’re having financial setbacks that I sensed were coming. Still, they’ve been kind and forthright about everything. I just felt so depressed thinking What Else Is There?

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