Newsflash! #SwampGhosts is Now Available as an Audiobook!

Congratulations to Marcia Meara on the release of her book, Swampghosts, as an audio book. Details are available from this post on her blog.

The Write Stuff

Some of you may remember, I was inspired by a post of Don Massenzio’s to give audio books a try, via ACX.  Then a tree decided to fall on our house, and everything came to a halt, including work on this project. I’m thrilled to say that I finally got back to work on this and a few other things, and voila! I now have my first audio book available on Amazon!

This process was one that, while costing me nothing but time, turned out to be a real learning experience. I’m eager to do it again, this time with a greater sense of what I’m really looking for, and how I want to approach it. But rest assured, it is definitely something that each of you should consider. The market is a large one, and growing steadily, and it is something you should offer your readers, regardless of the…

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