Character Profile – Brad Rafferty from Blood Orange and Blood Match

This is the third in a series of posts that I decided to put together to introduce the main characters from some of my work. I hope you enjoy this feature and that it gives you some insight into the process of coming up with characters that I’ve used.

The character I’d like to profile this week is Lt. Commander Brad Rafferty of the U.S. Navy. Rafferty is the main character in my terrorism thriller, Blood Orange. He is also featured in my upcoming book, Blood Match.

Full Name – Lieutenant Commander Bradley Rafferty

Age – Late 30s

Appearance – About 6’ with dark hair and blue eyes. He is in good shape has the clean cut appearance of a career naval man. He enjoys riding his vintage motorcycle. He is fiercely loyal to those he works with and is very patriotic. Think Mitch Rapp and Jack Ryan rolled into one.

Occupation – Rafferty is career U.S. Navy. He is following in a family tradition. He is a highly respected and sought after nuclear weapons expert who is often put into dangerous areas. He is concerned with doing what is right and not always what is politically correct.

Friends/Associates – Rafferty’s friends and associates from Blood Orange and Blood Match include:

  • Admiral Cornelius “Corny” Baker – Friend of Brad’s late father, commanding officer and mentor.
  • Maria Colluccio – Young navy officer and brilliant analyst
  • Alex Figueroa – Fellow enlisted navy man and demolitions expert.

Raffferty’s Backstory – Brad Rafferty’s first priority is his job in the military. He doesn’t have much of a personal life. He has been burned in the past by trying to do the right thing in a political atmosphere where things aren’t always what they seem.

Interesting Facts – Brad Rafferty’s sister is Nancy Rafferty, the love interest for Frank Rozzani, the detective in my five book Frank Rozzani series.

Autobiographical Elements – Rafferty is a compilation of military people that I have known throughout the years with some additional features. I was not in the military due to back issues that necessitated major surgery when I was 14.

Books in which Jonesy appears:

blood match front cover

Who would I choose to play Brad Rafferty in a movie?


Gerard Butler – First Choice


Jason Statham – Second Choice

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