Raven’s Dawn Part 31 (Finale) #horror #thriller #Halloween

Legends of Windemere


West Park Asylum

Apollo groans as he washes up on the mist-covered island, the gaping wound in his stomach seeping blood. He grabs the rotting pole of a pier, most of which has been washed away by the waves. Using it to get to his feet, the young man winces at the sensation of splinters burrowing into his flesh. The pain helps him focus and he staggers ahead, his eyes fixated on the strange shapes in the fog. He hears a crunch beneath his foot and looks down to see a yellowed rabbit skeleton. A gentle breeze comes off of the water to drive the mist back, revealing more animal bones scattered about the dirt. There are small tufts of grass scattered about the island, their green blades marked with black spots. Noticing a forest to his left, Apollo considers going there for safety, but quickly sees that…

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