A Twelve Realms Prequel: Ch 12

Rachael Ritchey

Hey, hey! We’re on time this week. And with a substantial chapter, too! 🙂

If you missed any from before, here is a list of links to previous chapters:

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Ismene and OthnielChapter Twelve

The carpets of the halls of the castle silenced their feet as Ismene marched behind Lady Grentich and her niece. The emptiness grew eerie. Where had all the other servants and courtiers gone? It was late, but it seemed to Ismene that there were people bustling about the castle at all hours. Her throat tightened and the thudding of her heart continued its erratic pattern. Where was Othniel?

She fervently wished she’d been more forthcoming with him earlier and not let him leave angry. Her fear doubled as her stomach tied in knots at the prospect of him…

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