Raven’s Dawn Part 30 #horror #thriller #Halloween

Legends of Windemere

(Wow.  Last post was weird.  Go see for yourself.)

Magdalen College

With Gemma trailing behind, Dawn waltzes into the library and frowns at the chaos around her. Transforming her dress into a comfortable shirt and pants, she walks through the destroyed furniture and the remains of half of her followers. Her disappointment in missing the fun and not being the cause is etched into her pouting face, which only brightens at the sight of the ravens lined up outside the windows. Whistling loud enough to melt the glass, Dawn lets the birds inside and makes sure everybody knows that she has arrived. One by one, the survivors crawl out of their hiding places and line up along their master’s path. None of them dare to touch her, a sense of wonder and fear paralyzing them as she passes. Those at the back of the cleared walkway gradually fall into place…

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