The Novice’s Demon by Kath Middleton @kathmidd


51F7dWY8IKL.jpgBook Description:

It’s the 14th Century, and in a Benedictine priory near York, the novice Breage is tormented in her cell each night by a visitor only she can see.

She becomes drained, fading away before the eyes of her community, who begin to fear it may be too late to save their most vulnerable sister.

Night after night, a monstrous creature emerges from the shadows, putting Breage in terror for her life and her virtue – and perhaps even her soul.

A short story of around 12,000 words.

My Thoughts:

The Novice’s Demon is a short story and took me about half an hour to read. Perfect when you just want something quick to read.

The story flicks between Breage, a young novice who has become a shadow of her former self and letters between Father Joseph and Mother Prioress who are concerned for her well being.

Poor Breage…

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