Raven’s Dawn Part 28 #horror #thriller #Halloween

Legends of Windemere

(Dawn dares you to look back. Nothing goes wrong when you turn around in a horror story.)

Lewis & Clark Community College

With the back door opening to a brick wall, the twins are forced to rush up the stairs and search for a window. The idea of a broken bone is more welcoming than facing whatever the cult has planned for them. A cheer is heard in the distance, but it is cut off by an eerie silence that tells them that their escape has been discovered. Taking the steps by twos, they come out near the history section and race through the stacks. To their horror, the drab walls are covered in posters that are easily tore down to reveal concrete behind them. Pushing at the solid stone, the siblings hear glass cracking from the other side, but nothing gives way. Apollo grabs a nearby stool and strikes…

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