#IndieAuthor Friday Lex Ramsay #history #CivilWar

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Today’s indie author shares her love of bad horror movies, strong opinions regarding a Batman vs. Spiderman throwdown, and presents a thought-provoking premise in her book SouthernRepublic – ‘What would our world look like if the South had won the Civil War?’

In a world where the South has won the Civil War…

It’s 1982. A hundred years have passed since the South emerged victorious in the War of Northern Aggression. From the ashes of the aftermath, the industrial North has evolved into the technical center of the modern world, while the agrarian South, now broken up into Protectorate territories overseen by Protectors, props up its culture with vicious oppression. But now the South is in dire economic straits. Their refusal to allow slaves to use technology in their work has made their system obsolete and unable to compete with the global economy. Something must be done.

Patrick Edgerton is…

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