How Authors Generate Article Ideas That Promote Their Books & Brands

How To Ebook

How do authors come up with ideas for articles they can write for magazines, newspapers, blogs, trade publications, or leading websites?

Obviously, authors write articles with a purpose or goal in mind, namely, to:

• Help brand themselves.
• Build up their media portfolio.
• Get a certain message out there that helps others.
• Sell products, books, services.
• Increase web traffic.
Influence public opinion.
• Stroke their ego.

Based on any or all of the above reasons authors are highly motivated to get articles placed with publications, social media outlets, and digital sources.  They will suggest topic ideas that they believe they can write about and that will appear to be interesting enough for some media outlet to accept it and useful enough so that when it’s published it’ll help serve the goals of the writer.

Article ideas can…

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