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Author Armand Rosamilia is featured on this edition of the Bad Moon Rising feature from the Books and Such blog.

Books and Such

Armand Rosamilia was one of the first authors to sign up for Bad Moon Rising a couple of years ago and, taking into account the number of books he’s written and the podcasts he hosts, I wonder how he had time to even email me!  I’m thrilled to have him back for the third year.  Read below for Armand’s favorite candy (which fans kindly bring to him in copious amounts) and his unlikely Halloween costume.

Sometimes it’s not just the zombies in a post apocalyptic landscape that are the problem.

As Darlene Bobich and the survivors try to rebuild and live another day, a new menace is coming at them from all angles. 

The zombie horde is coming but will The Promised Land survive to see it?

Favorite Halloween costume as a child or adult?

About seven years ago I went to a party but had no idea it was…

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