Raven’s Dawn Part 25 #horror #thriller #Halloween

Check out Raven’s Dawn – Part 25 from Charles Yallowitz’s Legends of Windemere blog.

Legends of Windemere

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Peabody Hall Miami University

Claiming a window table in the dining hall, the three students find that they have no appetite after getting very little sleep. Wearing the same clothes from the night before, they look disheveled and those sitting next to them quietly move to the next open space. Dark circles are under all of their eyes, Aurora looking the worst due to her previous late nights. Thomas can only stomach a glass of water while Apollo stares at a bagel like he has made the biggest mistake of his life. The trio yawn in unison, which earns chuckles from some of the nearby diners, who happily go back to their meals. Smacking lips and muffled burps sound like thunderclaps to the exhausted and stressed group until their ears mysteriously pop. Ignoring the strange event, Thomas and Aurora stare at…

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