Help stop people from returning e-books

Check out this post from Kawanee Hamilton’s blog on the topic of the practice of returning eBooks for credit. Worth sharing.

A lot of authors are complaining that people are reading their books and then returning them for credit to buy someone else’s book. They are also using the free book from a contest to turn in for credit after reading it. In a brick and mortar store you can’t read a book and then return it weeks later for a refund.

Amazon is letting people rip off authors. Help us change the policy. Please share.

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3 thoughts on “Help stop people from returning e-books

  1. Being an audio book freak I confess to this on three instance. On two occasions they were anthologies by ‘authors of renown’, but were dire collections of stuff which I felt were only in their for their ‘name value’ and did not live up to expectations given by the blurb and in one case was just not my scene, thus I gave way to temptation. 3% return rate.
    I get the point though and will bear this in mind in future.
    Thanks for the share.

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