#BadMoonRising C.M. Saunders #IndieAuthor #scifi #dystopian #zombies

C.M. Saunders is the latest author to be featured on the Bad Moon Rising series from the Books and Such blog.

Books and Such

Who doesn’t love zombies at Halloween (or on Sunday nights during The WalkingDead), am I right?  Today’s author brings us zombies and discusses aliens and time travel – welcome C.M. Saunders!

Dan Pallister is a survivalist and prepper. Much to the chagrin of the people around him, he’s been surviving and prepping since childhood. He just didn’t know what for. When he wakes up one morning to find the world overrun with bloodthirsty zombies it all becomes clear, and despite the fall of civilisation, he can’t wait to get started. He just needs to stock up on supplies from the local supermarket first. 

But is everything what it seems?

Bonus Content:
Til death do us Part (short story)
No Man’s Land: Horror in the Trenches (exclusive extract)

WARNING: This book contains descriptions of graphic violence and/or sex, and is not suitable for children.

What’s the best horror/thriller movie…

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