Sentence Structure: Compound Predicates

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Ediket Blog

“I want to bake a cake and eat it all!” This sentence has just one subject but two verbs. To complement the previous article on compound subjects, this time we’ll discuss compound predicates. Compound predicates allow you to make your writing sound more smooth and natural by combining events that occur to the same subject.

Consider the introductory example, above. This could also be broken apart and written as two shorter sentences:

I want to bake a cake. I want to eat it all.

However, the first sentence, which used a compound predicate, sounded more like natural English than these two simplistic sentences. As a result, you can use compound predicates to give your writing a more advanced, comfortable tone.

There’s also a lot of confusion about where to use commas in long sentences, and compound predicates are a common source of this uncertainty. Set your writing straight by…

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