How To Target Your Book Publicity To Reach Your Readers

Check out this post from the How to eBook blog on the topic of targeting your book publicity to reach readers.

How To Ebook

How often does an author believe his or her book is for everyone?  Many authors mistakenly assume or falsely hope that their book could conceivably be read by anyone. The truth is your book has a certain readership profile and the sooner you conclude or define who that is, you must channel all of your publicity, marketing, and advertising efforts to locate and connect with them.
Think of the extremes first – who definitely would find your book appealing and who wouldn’t.  It’s an easy exercise.  For those you believe would have an interest in your book, make note of them.  Then think of their opposites who would shun, dismiss, or criticize a book like yours.  For instance, if your book deals with erotica, don’t start contacting religious conservatives.  If your book is about vegan recipes, no need to reach those who like meat…

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