#GuestPost – The Perfect Antagonist by Victoria Cornwall @VickieCornwall @AvonBooksUK

Check out this guest post from author Victoria Cornwall from this post on the Portobello Book Blog.

Portobello Book Blog

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ChocLit author Victoria Cornwall is my guest today and is sharing a great post about the fun she has creating the baddies in her novels! You’ll find lots of info about Victoria and her novels along with buying links below her guest post

The Perfect Antagonist

“Is he a goodie or a baddie?” I asked my husband. At the time we were watching a complicated film plot with so many twists that it was hard to know who the antagonist was.  My phrasing may have sounded like a child’s question, but he instantly understood what I meant. After a short discussion we decided he probably was the baddie. Armed with our new understanding, we settled back to watch the rest of the film and felt confident that we were rooting for the right person.

From an early age, children are warned to stay away from “baddies,” either through stark…

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