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What’s Halloween without werewolves?  And this werewolf is on a cruise ship bound for Alaska.  Welcome Micky Neilson to Bad Moon Rising!

Years ago Brandon Frye was bitten, cursed to transform into a primal killing machine under the light of the full moon… until he met Celine, who introduced him to experimental pills meant to suppress the turning.

Now, after a terrible tragedy has taken Celine’s life, Brandon boards a cruise ship bound for Alaska, intending to venture into the cold white north and never return.

But when Brandon meets Ginny, he gains a second chance at love. Nevertheless, circumstances align against him: a storm is building, a hunter is on his trail, and the pills that are meant to prevent the turning…

Are about to trigger it.

What’s the best horror/thriller movie you’ve seen this year so far?

I don’t go to theaters much anymore (can’t stand the cell…

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