Three Belongings: A Guest Post by Jen Waldo, Author of Why Stuff Matters

Check out this guest post from Jen Waldo as featured on Linda’s Book Bag blog.

Linda's Book Bag

Why Stuff Matters Jacket

I’m delighted to be part of the launch celebrations for Jem Waldo’s new book, Why Stuff Matters. I’m married to a terrible (or should that be expert) hoarder who never throws anything away. As we’ve aged we’re realising that material possessions aren’t important and there are only a few things with deep sentimental meaning that we’d really hate to be parted from. With that in mind I asked Jen Waldo what three things she’s save from her possessions in the event of a fire and she’s telling us today.

Why Stuff Matters was published on 19th October by Arcadia Books and is available for purchase here.

Why Stuff Matters

Why Stuff Matters Jacket

When Jessica, a grieving widow, inherits an antique mall from her mother she also inherits the stallholders, an elderly, amoral, acquisitive, and paranoid collection.

When one of the vendors, a wily ex-con named Roxy, shoots her ex-husband, she calls…

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