Cover Reveal – Bubbles by GJ Seth

Check out this cover reveal for the book, Bubbles, by G.J. Seth, as featured on the Out and About blog.

Out an' About

Seth is a first time author living in New Jersey and a blogger I came in contact with over a year ago. His eloquent writing, love of nature and the outdoors and his honest approach to life immediately resonated with me. His personal journey, struggles and triumphs, as he comes to find himself should resonate with many others.

I’m excited to be able to help him share his journey as he releases his first book. You can connect with him via his social media links below.

Congratulations Seth.

COVER REVEAL for Bubbles by G.J. Seth

Available November 1, 2017!

Bubbles_CoverABOUT GJ SETH

GJ Seth is a first-time author living in New Jersey. He is passionate about helping people see their lives with a different perspective through his writing and his unique approach to life. Writing has given him the ability to connect with a much larger audience than he has…

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