#Extract from Three Weddings and a Scandal by @Wendy_Holden @HofZ_books

Check out this extract from the book, Three Weddings and a Sandal, by Wendy Holden, as featured on the Portobello Book Blog.

Portobello Book Blog

I read Three Weddings and a Scandal when it came out last year in hardback and really enjoyed it. It was such a funny read. You can read my review of ithere (it was called Laura Lake and the Hipster Weddings at the time). It has just been released under the new title in paperback and I’m pleased to have an extract to share with you today. First of all, here’s what the book is about

A delicious new series from one of Britain’s funniest novelists,
starring a hapless journalist going undercover during wedding season.

She’ll need a triple-barrelled name for the castle one.
She’ll need a gallon of glitter for the woodland one.
She’ll need a lobster-shaped hat for the Shoreditch one.

Laura Lake longs to be a journalist. Instead she’s an unpaid intern at a glossy magazine – sleeping in the fashion cupboard and living on canapés…

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