Organizing Your Blogging Ideas

Balancing my work/writing/blogging schedule is a delicate process. I thought it might be useful for some of you to give you some insight into how I organize my blogging topics and try to plan and schedule ahead of time.

Here are some of the steps I use to organize my blog each day and try to post in an uninterrupted fashion.


  • Lay out a consistent schedule for each week – I try to have consistent blogging topics associated with each day of the week. I have adjusted this over time, but here is my current daily category list:
    • Monday – Author interview – currently running my Perfect 10 series.
    • Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Thursday – Author tip/ writing topic
    • Friday  – Humor – currently running a ‘National Days’ series
    • Saturday – Short Story
    • Sunday – Indie Publishing News recap for the week

I’m thinking about shaking up the Tuesday-Thursday categories as three days in a row of content on writing is tough.


  • Set up a calendar with scheduled blog topics in advance – Currently I have a calendar laid out into January of 2018 for blog topics. Of course, this is just an outline and may change based on topical information, book releases, marketing campaigns, etc. I use a spreadsheet to lay it out. Here is a sample of what my calendar looks like:
Blog Idea Date Scheduled (Y/N) Published (Y/N) Source Reference
Word Count – Series 10/3/2017 Y Y Nabokov – Blatt Nabokov – Blatt
Audio Book Announcement – Frankly Speaking 10/4/2017 Y Y
Writing About Locations – Do you have to go there? 10/5/2017 Y Y
National Days – Week of 10/2/17 10/6/2017 Y Y
Short Story Saturday 10/7/2017 Y Y
This Week in Indie Publishing 10/8/2017 Y Y
Perfect 10 – Interview 10/9/2017 Y Y
Beginnings 10/10/2017 Y Y Nabokov – Blatt Nabokov – Blatt
A Day in My Writing Life 10/11/2017 Y Y
Inspiration – Where does it come from? 10/12/2017 Y Y
National Days – Week of 10/9/17 10/13/2017 Y Y
Short Story Saturday 10/14/2017 Y Y
This Week in Indie Publishing 10/15/2017 Y Y
Perfect 10 – Interview 10/16/2017 Y Y
Organizing your blogging and writing ideas 10/17/2017 N N
Character Origins – Frank Rozzani 10/18/2017 N N
My first published novel – The process 10/19/2017 N N


  • Schedule posts in advance – One of the great features of WordPress is the ability to schedule posts in advance. I try to get as much as a week ahead on my posts. My work schedule makes creating a post daily risky so I try to at least get my Monday through Thursday posts done ahead of time so I don’t have the pressure of writing content daily that could get thwarted by work.


  • Look at your stats – I’m constantly looking at what topics are the most popular based on the categories and tags associated with my posts along with what days my blog sees the most traffic. I can then adjust content to make sure that the most popular topics are being posted on the days with the most traffic.

I have put the preceding strategy together over the past two years. I’m always adjusting my tactics to make sure that my followers get the most out of my blog. The bottom line is that, as an author, your blog is all about exposure. For me, it’s also about reaching and helping the largest number of followers possible.

It would be great to hear from some of you about your blogging strategies and tactics.



15 thoughts on “Organizing Your Blogging Ideas

  1. Thanks for this, Don. I’ve been giving a great deal of thought to it, so it’s very opportune for me. I need a strategy in order to keep up, because I’m tired of treading water to stay afloat. One can easily drown in the blogosphere! 🙂

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  2. You’re a great organiser, Don. For me, I write a blog post as soon as an idea comes into my mind (or write the idea and some notes down and come back to it). I try not to get into the habit of blogging on certain days of the week on certain subjects as I’ve already found out that it can stress me out, especially when it comes to running out of time and not having a post ready. Life outside of blogging can often get in the way, and I learned a few years ago (when blogging was stressing me out and I was not enjoyable anymore) that I had to change my blogging habits or gave it up. Thankfully, I did the latter and now I never put myself in any situations that I know may stress me out.

    I’ve looked into which days I get the most traffic, but I think it really comes down to which subjects you write about are get the most traffic and what day you publish those posts. As I don’t have a weekly schedule (other than my Wednesday music schedule) my best viewing day (according to WordPress) is currently Thursday, yet it’s also been Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday. One thing I do know is that the blogging world goes very quiet between 2pm on a Friday until 9am Saturday morning, and then quiet again from 1pm Saturday afternoon until 9am Sunday morning. I now never publish a post during these times as they’ve always had the worst results for me.

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